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Welcome to Colonial Park!


It is an encounter with the living God through the risen Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Through our worship we offer ourselves in praise and thanksgiving to the One who called us into being and who calls us to gather together as the Body of Christ. As we worship, we direct our hearts and minds toward God who, in turn, reveals his grace in our lives in many different ways.

We believe worship is, perhaps, the single most important thing we do as Christians, realizing that every day of our lives is a time for worship. Of course, we believe that we are not called to simply worship. We are to worship well and with integrity. This involves the dedication of both those who plan the weekly worship service as well as those who gather to take part in the service.

How do you worship? Is it in spirit and in truth? Is it with an openness to God’s grace? Do you actively participate in the service?

May our worship be pleasing to God and instill in us the call to worship through our service.